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April 7, 2010

Sounds like a dance. Something cloggers might do. Not important how I found out, but doing a Google search for one thing related to my book and querying and posts, I discovered that there is already a published book by the same title. I’m not completely tied to the title, but it felt the best of a long list of possibilities. So I Googled them all. Obviously I didn’t hit “next” often enough. I guess it’s a good thing that I hadn’t started sending out queries yet. I’m still looking for a way to simply and concisely put into the manuscript one thing that my brother found to be missing or lacking. The answer dangles like a word you need, just out of reach. You know what it is, but it just won’t coalesce.

Now instead of worrying about it, what I should do is NOT think about it. (Which “it”? The title or the missing element? Both, of course.) I should be writing a short story or two for the contest in our local paper, which is connected to the Antioch Writer’s Conference. Or for publication anywhere. Well, anywhere that would be platform building. So, open Word and go. Wait. Whatever happened to one step at a time?

Dancing is good.

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  1. Marleen Bain permalink
    April 22, 2010 5:43 pm

    I love reading these. I think you should now worry about getting published, You have to start somewhere and I do see “new authors” at the Barnes and Noble new book section and they had to start somewhere:) What is the book title?

    • April 23, 2010 9:37 am

      I haven’t posted here for a while. Still trying to figure out how to set up the rest of the page. I thought I was computer savvy. NOT! But I WILL get it figured out.

      Meanwhile, I am proceeding with agent research, creating a list of agents to query. Wow, talk about intimidating. But I’ll just put on my blinders and realized that at some point, every author was unpublished.

      The title I’d been using was Guardian at the Gate. Turns out there was a book in a sci-fi or fantasy series with that title. So I did a little more Googling, at it appears that I’m clear with Guardian at the Gateway. Now that I see that and say it, it has a little more balance and rhythm to it. So for now, it’s GUARDIAN AT THE GATEWAY. What do you think?

      • Marleen Bain permalink
        May 27, 2010 9:09 pm

        I just reread my entry. My typing never improves. I counter that by saying I sight read music well – where you don’t care if you make a mistake or two – and that is why my typing suffers.

        We have been in Seattle for two weeks plus so am behind on email, etc. Now, what do you do since there is already a book by the same title? – which I liked. Can it be Guardian of something else like or Guardian of All? I guess titles are not my forte:)

        On this blog am I supposed to just be discussing the book? Hmmmm. Did I ever tell you that our oldest daughter, Christy, is the Artistic Relations persons at the Seattle Repertory Theater in Seattle? We stayed at her house for a week and then she got us an appartment that the Rep uses for visiting actors and it was right across from the Rep and the Space Needle. We saw the play the Iliad. It is brand new and was being rewritten – sometimes daily. Now I think it may go to New York. It is a one man show and amazing.

      • June 1, 2010 3:21 pm

        I have spent so little time with this blog, I can’t say I really know what it is, or should be, about. I guess a blog should be about something, huh? I’ll have to get back to you on that. So far you’re the only one who’s read it or that I’ve shown it to. I still can’t figure out things like how to put most of older comments behind a “cut” (where you see “more…”) so they don’t run on forever on the main page, or how to set up links to other blogs, sites, etc. I pretty much thought it would be about writing, or, more generally, the creative process, finding inspiration in the things around us, and, more particularly, using our art or craft to bring those things forward through our own particular vision. And even more specifically, the process of writing, editing, and craft. And vent the frustrations involved in the process, especially the querying and marketing aspects. Also, it could be a place where those idiots like me, who’ve waited until they should be retired to start another new “life” could share that, encourage each other in a discouraging world.

        The Seattle visit and the proximity to the Rep sounds wonderful. After all these years, well, you know the old saw, I forget which movie it’s from: smell that? That’s greasepaint. You can wash it off your face, but you can never get it out of your heart.” Something like that. Theatre still thrills! Iliad sounds interesting, especially for a one-man show. Is it Odysseus recounting the journey?

        I have decided on Guardian at the Gateway. I’ve sent out seven queries and gotten three rejections. That’s a good thing, actually. Good to get rejection under the belt. It’s inevitable, and it means I’m actually putting it out there. Speaking of which… Back to it!

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