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Daffodils and queries

March 22, 2010

Yesterday fulfilled the promise of renewal, fresh starts, and all that. I began the day reading critiques of my latest attempt at honing my query and catching up on other critiques. A cram course in the finer points of navigating the heavily trafficked waters from manuscript to agent (and thence to publisher and onward, one hopes.) Now I have to rewrite it again. Who would think that the short single-page pieces such as a synopsis or a query could be every bit as daunting as carving a novel out of a block of unformed ideas.


So, with that on my mind, and for some absolutely unexplainable reason the song “Green Grow the Lilacs” looping incessantly in my brain, I went out to spend the first full afternoon of Spring in the yard, trimming ivy, pulling down last year’s sweet autumn clematis vines, and cutting back the ornamental grasses. Lots of them. Big ones. By hand with pruning shears. Twelve large bags of clean-up. And one aching back. Ah, but it’s glorious to have it done, to stand back and look at the gardens cleaned, blank, and ready to shoot forth. Of course, the weeds have already started, but that’s another story of alien invasion. Oh. Supposedly the word “gringo” used by Mexicans for us Americans comes from the cowboys in the Mexican territory singing the then-popular song that shoved my query letter out of my brain all afternoon.  When all was done, I had the first bouquet of the season, a half-dozen various daffodils. Lovely. Now back to that query.

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